QR 140,000,000,000

Total Amount of Valued Properties


Completed Valuation Reports


Years of Rich Real-Estate Experience

QR 10,100,000,000

Highest Amount of a Single Valuation Done By AL-Rasheed

Certified Real-Estate Experts and Consultants

Certified Real-Estate Experts and Consultants

Certified Real-Estate Valuers

Certified Real-Estate Valuers

Real-Estate Brokerage

Real-Estate Brokerage

Real-Estate Management

Real-Estate Management

Estimated Prices of Al-Rasheed Real Estate Services for Land Vouchers in the State of Qatar (SR per sqft)

Our work Ethics


Because integrity is the supreme pillar upon which the collective values and ethics in business are built, we at Al-Rasheed Real-Estate Services Company persevere in achieving the highest degrees of credibility and accuracy in our work. We endeavor to accomplish the work mandates issued by our clients in total impartiality and without compromise or courtesy for easy material gains, while ensuring that we do our work within the framework of proper business and professional relationships that generates confidence and reassurance among our clients during their dealings with us.


Al-Rasheed Real-Estate Services Company is keen to ensure that it performs its work completely independently without being subjected to any unjustified and undue influence or showing bias to any client in a manner that does not conform to the prerequisites of work ethics. Furthermore, the Company shall avoid carrying out business for any client should there be any degree of direct or indirect conflict of interest which may affect our company's ability to perform our business fully independently.


We are committed to maintaining high levels of knowledge and professional skills necessary in the performance of our work to ensure that our clients receive exceptional real-estate services based on the latest practices, standards and methods of work; and this is possible only through continuous professional development of our employees and timely updating of our work methodology by incorporating those developments.

Privacy & confidentiality

We always maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the information we obtain from our clients as well as the reports we issue to them; and we are committed not to disclose them to third parties without the prior consent of our clients themselves, unless there is a legal order or obligation necessitating disclosure.

Professional Behavior

Al-Rasheed Real-Estate Services Company is committed to working diligently and professionally to accomplish the tasks assigned to it by its clients before or within the agreed time framework in accordance with the legal pronouncements and professional standards governing the work of the company. We are always committed, while performing our work, to upholding public interest and refraining from accepting any work requests that harm the real-estate profession in general.

Our Executive Team

Ezzat Mohammed AL-Rasheed

Company Founder and General Manager

  • MBA (Finance) – USA

  • Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA – UK)

  • Certified real-estate expert & valuer licensed under Law No.16 for the Year 2017 concerning the regulation of the profession of experts in Qatar (License No.QG/00037).

  • Certified real-estate broker licensed under Law No. (22) for the Year (2017) concerning the regulation of the real-estate brokerage business in Qatar (license No. 000062).

  • 40 years of comprehensive experience in senior executive management as head of a number of government institutions, public sector entities and shareholding companies listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange.

  • Extensive professional experience in the fields of financial management, investment, real-estate, commercial & governmental audit and planning.

Khalid E. Al-Rasheed

Valuation Manager

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Canada)

  • Certified real-estate expert & valuer licensed under Law No.16 for the Year 2017 concerning the regulation of the profession of experts in Qatar (License No.QG/00044).

  • 13 years of in-depth experience in real-estate consulting and valuation.

  • 113 years of diverse experience in the fields of security, safety, environment, technical audit and operations in the oil and gas sector.

Mourad Rhdi

Senior Property Appraiser

  • Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management

  • Intensive courses in real-estate valuation

  • 16 years of in-depth experience in real-estate valuation in Qatar.

Siddig Osman Al Jaali

Property Surveyor & Inspector • BSc Agriculture (Egypt).
• 25 years of diversified experience in various fields including industrial inspection and product classification, Human Resources and Real-Estate surveying.
• Experienced in Real-Estate areas estimation.